Monday, January 2, 2012

Chitradurga - The road never* travelled

Chitradurga - The Road never* Travelled

*by me

The date was 30th Dec 2011 (Saturday)and time was 2 PM. Since aakiti was in delhi, I didn't want to spend partying in Bangalore. Desparately wanted to go out of Bangalore. So decided this trip.

Sometimes you intend to ask for unpredictability . Nothing sure. Absolutely nothing. Intentially no research done. No planning. Just pack my bags( extra T shirt, shorts, Tooth paste and charger) and at 2:30 Pm , i was sitting on the Volvo which was going to Majestic Bus stand in Bangalore.Still not sure where I am going but was equally aware that have to join back in office on Monday morning.Meanwhile I have sent an SMS to Siddharth that I am unwell and couldn;t attend his new year house party(apologies for lying but I hope you can understand).

I don't know but I certainly like Bus stands. At 3:15 I was at Majestic bus stand. First step in these type of trips is to take a full round of all buses ready to go.

I had 2 conditions in mind before taking the bus :

1. Bus should be delux and comfortable (where it is going- doesn's matter)
2. The distance should be maximum 6 hours so that I can reach the destination by 9 PM.

Though there were all Karnataka state transport buses , there were 2 volvo types one. First on was going to Pune( 12 hours) and other one was going to Davangire.

Liked the Davangire bus , liked the comfortable seats , and Bangalore - Davangire by bus is 6 hours. Sat in the bus since it was completing both the conditions.

Bus was going via Chitradurga to Davangire. Till now no clue completely that what is there in Davangire. Never heard before as well.

Task 1 accompalished. Always divide your goals and enjoy once you achieve that.

I was reading a book " The winning way" by Harsha bhogle. Would like to quote an interesting point from that book.

If a cricket team has to score 350 runs in 50 overs, the team must divide the targes. Like first try to achieve 100 in first 15 overs with losing 1 wicket. 30 in another 5 overs.

once they score 250 in 40 overs , then go for a kil of targeting 350 overs.

Sometimes life is also like this. you acheive goals step by step. Sometimes you make life unpredictable and enjoy the flavour of uncertanity. The later is true for me for this trip.

Once I sat in the bus, i started interacting with fellow passengers then is there hotels in Davangire.found out yes. Is there any good places to see? Found out No.

the pther fellow passenger told me that there is one fort in Chitradurga.

So I called up Aakriti to check on the internet about these 2 places. So not next important question was to get down at Chitradurga or Davangire. the distance between these 2 places is 60 Km.

After some basic research , decided to get down at Chitradurga. Any way ,there was always an option to take another bus and go to Davangire. but could save 1 hour.

Time was 7:15 pm and got down at Chitradurga bus stand. Surprised to see branded outlets , consumer durable shops and market was extremely crowded.

Next goal was to find out a decent hotel to stay. Near to the bus stand, stayed in a decent hotel - Hotel Amogh International. he room tariff was 500 for 24 hours check out. Nice room with TV, gyser and pillows. What else you need.

Place done. Stay done. NOw to find out where to party in Chitradurga.

another interesting point is to interact with localities in Hindi. ANd the awkard moment for them wherein they try to listen , understand and help you out.

The hotel front desk guy told me to go to Aishwarya fort hotel. Looked like a decent name. So here we go.

loud music, DJ , dance floor big speakers. Seems like perfect place for a new year party.only hitch was they were playing kannada songs.

Spoken to DJ , cajoled him to play atleast 1 -2 english /hindi songs. Amazing bonfire open restaurant. Could see all local families . Ordered liquor, and starters.

You won;t believe that by 10 Pm , the restaurant was completely full. I was slightly drunk. DJ now played hidi songs - Tu tu tu mera hero , tu mera hero... Respect for DJ. Place full of Kannadiga's , DJ was playing songs of my choice.

I joined the local group and danced till wee hours. Was a memorable new year 2012.

Next day morning on 31st , got up late at 9 am. Plan was to see the fort .

After managing the language challenge and explaining to the Auto guys, I reached the Chitradurga fort. It happened to be one of the 14 historical place in Archealogical survey of India.

Entered in and started trekking. it was a huge place and didn't know what's in store ahead.

The fort was full of local people, school kids etc.

These people were looking at me as unexpected alien.

Ony guide asked me :

That guy - Saaar
Me- Yes
That guy - Which country
Me - America (just for fun)
That guy - India..When?
Me - 2 days back
That Guy - Cold haan?

I didn;t want to extend this conversation. So i told him that I am an Indian and from Bangalore. He didn;t believe and followed me for sometime.

There was a huge hil and was on a 60 degree incline. there were small steps, but you need crawl like a monkey. It was quite difficlut to reach on top but got the sense of acheivement.

Identified a small place to sit in between 2 big rocks. slept while gazing the slightly cloudy sky. Then got up , read a book for couple of hours. it was coming into a dream new year.

Accepting every challenge and be ready for the next....

Taken a KSRTC bus back to Bangalore at 3:10 pm and reached Bangalroe at 8PM.

Would you like to do these kind of trip???????


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Dang that's tought! Like nothing I have ever done! Have a great new year

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