Sunday, September 4, 2011

SOTC Magical Europe - Italy Venice Day 10

1st Sep 2011

It was the last day of our holiday and off course lst day of Italy. Before I start writing about Venice and its amazing Gandola ride , let me point out my observations on this SOTC Europe trip:

  1. Don't try to convert from Euro's to INR on every purchase. Europe is expensive wherein water is of 2 Euros and Beer is of 1.5 Euros. A banana will cost you 1 euro which means 65 Rs. So no point comparing. But I can't resist writing that using public Toilet is not free and cost as hish as 1.5 Euros means 100 Rs.

  2. I must credit our SOTC tour manager Saif for hih attention to details on the toiletology.He knew exactly where to fing the toilet, whether it is paid or free , how much to pay and how to pay i.e a black guy or a lady in the yellow jacket. It goes upto the limit that our meeting common point after photo shoot was near the toilet in Vatican city.

  3. After Indian dinner every day ,ocassional Burps and Farts were complimentaty from the group members.

  4. Since it was a mixed group , one enjoy interacting with different cultures , people etc. Aunty/Uncle from Ahemdabad were carring their favorite Dhokla, dhepla, and imagine -- please imagine making bhep puri with onion , tomoto and lemon in venice. How romantic. Pun intended.

  5. There is no hidden cost.

  6. Please mind that you travel in a coach from one country to another. And eating is not allowed in the coach.We have traveled approx 4800 Km in 10 day including 2200 Km in Italy in 3 days.

  7. Walking is mandatory and in few places , we even walked for 4 kms at a stretch But cobbled streets are pedastrian firendly and whether supports walking.

8. European hotels have no concepts of Porters. We need to take our luggage from our coach to the room and back on our own. It is advised to travel light. And we had changed 6 hotels.

Our days starts with the magical numbers. 6,7,8 number means 6' O Clock wake up call, 7 'O Clock Breakfast and 8'O Clock in the Bus.
So we have started at 0800 AM after taking group photo shoot. .Lago Verde was our hotel was in Florence. It is surrounded by a lake and mountains. Lago verde is an Italian word which means Green Lake in english.rooms were confortable , even had extra room and two beds for kids. Breakfast was simple consists of Brad , Butter , Jam , Juice, Yogurt.

We reached Venizia or Venice at 1200 Noon.

History of Venice

Situated on the Adriatic sea , Venice was the most prosperous sailors in all of Europe. The buildings of venice are constructed on the closely spaced wooden piles. the foundations rest on these piles and bulldings of brick and stone sit above these footings. Most of these piles were made of alder trees , a wood noted for its water resistance.

The best part of Venice was the Gandola ride. This is the best way to see venice from inside. the most romantic place on earth after Switzerland is Venice.

The Gandola ride was not part of the package . It costed us 105 Euros for 6 person.

Our free time ended at 1600 hours and started back to our hotel in florence. We started our journey to Milan ( The fashion capital of Italy) . The day ended at 2200 hours at our 4 star hotel in Malpeza.


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Me went to Italia aswell...and man was it fantabulous. Nice to see u guys too explored fav was florence and venice.

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