Saturday, November 7, 2009

Delhi to jaiselmer Trip

Desert safari tour is no doubt should be in "things to do before I die" list.

Reached jaisalmer at 5:30 am from jodhpur. There are not many hotels near station. So better that either you book hotel in advance or depend upon agents standing outside the station. I adopted the latter option.

Now the interesting part is hotel rates are low but these fellows also organize desert tour for which they charge exorbitant.

Actually there is no fixed price. I paid 3500 for overnight package which included couple of villages, jain temple , dunes , folk dance and night cottage stay. Its 18 15 now and sunset time is around 1900 hours.
There are 2-3 days tour also . But opt for these basis a) how much time you have b) how strong is your back and thigh muscle. ( Sitting on camel for one day is as strenous as doing 100 push ups ans 200 dips.) . You can test your strength by sitting in an indian loo for 2 hours.

Any way there are 2 dunes. Sam and thar. Sam is popular , in lonely planet guide.... Etc etc but dirty due to over population of tourists.
Thar dune is quite virgin.

Had interesting discussion with the guy who is managing camel and with me since 1200 hours. Funny but true that camels now understand marwari.
He is a muslim guy and we were discussing about how many kids you should have. Since he is a quite modern muslim guy with traditional values he is ok with nothing less than 4. 2 boys and 2 gals. And his logic is that during wedding ceremony , sister put peacock feather on brother's forehead. That's why sisters are required. He has never used the oondom before and his wife has never and will never use pills. Family planning way is to get operated ( nasbandi as they say).
A man can have upto 7 wifes without divorce. Now there is reverse dowry culture. Man has to pay girl's father 1.5 lacs which he manages to save in 8-10 years.

Now an interesting point is that in an average wedding approx 5000 people are invited and minimum gift to the groom is 500 per person. Aaahhhh everything is well calculated. Haha.

Before I log off and go click some sunset pics with my low battery camera, some facts which I gathered abpout camel.
- camel's intercourse time : 140 minutes
- has 10 teeth and average age is 20-22 years
- an average camel is in perfect health at the age of 10
- eats ghee, gur and local grass. Average costing is approx 180 per day.
- thinking of some investmont option , buy a camel for 40k

Best season to visit this place is in feb.


Watched nooara movie shooting in dunes, had good rajasthani dinner. Dal bati churma, kadi, and mix vegetable. Folk music till 10.

I have to plan my strategy now. Oi know I got fooled. This trip was not worth 3500. Maximum cost should have been 1500 or 2000. I have paid advance of 1500 and invoice is signed of 3500. Legally I can't do anything.

- mahindra Major jeep from jaisalmer citi to thar resort point. 45 kms
- 2 villages, jain temple,and one more place which I forgot
- 4 bottle of mineral water
- old camel which couldn't run. For a day
- 3 roti/2 mix veg for lunch.
-Night at Thar resort- which was extremely hot. No ac. Earlier promised was tent.
- railway station transfer

That tout name is Ismail and hotel name is Rajdhani.

His owner name is Murad.

Once I am back in city, I have to pay remaining 2000 Rs.

Now I need to structure my talk and think of all those activities which will hamper their business.
- write up in lonely planet ( please don't go to Rajdhani hotel)
- news paper article
- travel and living documentary
- posters in jodhpur/jaisalmer railway station

There are limitations in practical implementation of these. Got fooled big time. Being a sales guy it was not expected GauraV. Lost war in my own battle ground.
Its like a kid beats vishwanathan Anand in the game of chess.

I am angry. I am furious.
Anyway by now I found out genuine people. If reader of this article is planning a trip this side. Please contact this resort folk. Thar resort - 09982313661. They will charge 1000 for all this.

Now the game begins. If you are reading this , will update next. How much will gaurav pay now. Remaining 2000 or will manage to negotiate.

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