Saturday, November 7, 2009

big boss 3

i watched first episode of big boss 3 wondering y i did so and probaably the last. It was completely rubbish . Guests includes sherlyn chopra (who wants to be sexy bie inside the big boss house; am glad shiney ahuja is not allowed inside the house of big boss. Colors have also invited baba ramdeo for this show to create kind of saint and seductress reality show)but since baba is busy in kapal bhati ,he opted out. Ok next interesting guest is rakhi savant mother: they say its all in the family - dramebaazi. Am sure big boss 2020 host gonna be rakhi savant kid. Next is claudia
from germany whose claim to fame was movie with salman, next movie karma and is a brand ambassodor of lovely professional university. Even amitabh was forced to laugh on rajus sick joke. Wat all people do for money. men are from mars,women from venus and rohit verma from elsewhere. It looks like everybody was paid to come onto the stage and praise amitabh. Uffff.... And mrs sawant and amitabh interaction was really reminded me off hindi dubbed shows where in prabhu yishu cures illness by touching people fprehead.. wonder whether trp got new meaning as totally rubbish philosophy..

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