Sunday, September 6, 2009

When you are high !

Being high is tough to explain without being high yourself .

Place : Jaisalmer
Time : 1600 Hours
Train journey from jaisalmer to Delhi (1715 hours)

I drank Bhang Tea at this place in Gopa chowk, Jaisalmer. There are only three govt authorized shops (in varnasi and puri also).

I was talking to myself and reassuring that everthing is ok.everything is fine.

If you don't smoke , or never tried bhang , don't continue to read this,as you will not comprehend anything you are about to read..

you know you are high , your life becomes so much vulnerable to fun and excitement.

When someone's talking it is also normal to actually hear the words 2-3 seconds after they have said it.

there’s almost always a permanent smile on your face, it’s hard to make it go away . And I didn't want to show my state to fellow passengers.

when your high you can't tell if your in reality or a dream.

legs feel a little numb

Tried counting 1-100 but was too tough.

unable to do the simplest thing.

Tried reading a book , but it seems so heavy . I was trying my best to control my mind and not move from my train seat.

eating is always much more pleasurable,

recalled past memories from my childhood that I hadn't thought about in years. felt like dreaming with eyes open. watching a movie where all characters are related to you.

never try to do complicated things like reading a book, or meditation

words that never made sense together now make perfect sense.

A feeling of content bliss. Time passes really slowly and that's just the way you like it. Nothing can possibly go wrong. You really don't give a damn what's going on around you and loose sense of your voice modulation.

It was the toughest 2 minutes of my life when TT came for checking tickets.

I went into a sort of trance where I know what's going on around me, but I don't exactly process any of it. I am completely focused on my thoughts.

you find yourself thinking about something deeply introspective and then completely forget what you were thinking about, then spend all your mental energy on trying to remember what you were thinking about

P.s Never tried this when you are travelling alone..