Sunday, September 6, 2009

R.I.P Savita Bhabhi

as Somebody says
"Death is a lesson to learn about
Death is a loss, without a doubt
Death is an unhappy feeling to have
Death is unpleasant on anyone's behalf"

It's with a heavy heart that I have to write the death of Savita Bhabhi . I&B ministry censored this website which was apparently was among the 100 most popular sites in India with 60 million users per month. For those who are new to reading comics , Savita bhabhi was India's first porn cartoon. The question is how the cartoon character be a threat to national security. ? She was the humble, middle class sari clad Indian "sati savitri" woman who was proud of her sexuality..Is Indian society that week that we can't decide whats right? or is this plain Hypocrisy?

Gone were the days when Cable TV thats also only during summer holidays in early 90's was the only option available to watch 18+ movies on Star Movies. Cable tv operator guy was the most important person once upon a time. Wait and watch strategy wherein patience was the key. Code signals used to be scrolling " Hari om Cables text" on your screen and exactly after 15 minutes after dark movie starts wherein sound was not necessary for understanding the plot.

For those regional "mere desh ki dharti type" enthusiasts , there was Sun TV late night addition.(Never knew the importance of Sun TV until I moved to Bangalore and understood the difference between Sun ,Surya,Asia net,Ma TV Channels) Programs where ladies with Ram Kapoor's(refer Rakhi ka swayanvar) type waistline used to titiliate.Watching late night TV6 or FTV became national obsession. Sushma Swaraj (I&B) minister launched a war against firangi channels and censored various modes of entertainment for TV viewing public.

But obivously there were other options like watching Mandakini in Ram teri ganga maili or karishma kapoor in Sarkai lo khatiya.If that wasn't enough , launched. It was first India's porn site. And unlike foreign sites which used to ask for credit cards or "Phone Ghumao , Dost banayo-Dial 1800-245-674", it was free porn.

With limited pocket money we became smarter and desibaba was instant hit. and then came me too websites like desipapa,desimama,desichacha etc etc. It was Desibaba's creativity of digital morphing which allowed Indian audience to visualise Bollywood actress topless.Now who will visit Desibaba type websites, when we have bikini clad Nigar Khan bathing (iss jungle) or riya sen mms in mobile.Whether we accept it or not, I believe that there is a little bit of "Desibaba" or "Savita Bhabhi" in each of us - may be in deep thoughts.Have read somewhere "Real pleasures cant be bought.
It's free"

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