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Delhi to Alwar,Sariska br i10

Myself,mom& dad started frm Delhi at 6:30Pm on 10th Aoril Good Friday..But with our experience it should have been sad and disturbing Friday.I clearly messed up in my research of route. Google mapd goofed up. They have provided below directions. NEVER EVER FOLLOW THIS ROUTE.

Driving directions to Alwar, Rajasthan
169 km – about 3 hours 17 mins
Delhi, Delhi
Head northwest on Deen Dayal Upadhaya Marg toward Ahilya Bai Marg
0.3 km
Turn left at Vivekananda Rd
0.3 km
Turn left at Connaught Circus
1.2 km
Turn left at NH 8
Go through 2 roundabouts
7.3 km
Slight right at NH 8/NH 8 - Towards Gurgaon
Continue to follow NH 8
33.1 km
Turn left
19.3 km
Turn left
0.7 km
Sharp left
1 m
Sharp right
15.7 km
Turn right toward Tijara Crossline
90.9 km
Turn left at Tijara Crossline
0.3 km

I have takenn left from Rajiv Chouk towards Sohna road , crossing Taouru,Nuh,Firozur Jhirka and Alwar. But toad is in real bad shape, there are no sign board for diversions. Really pathetic I won't say bad patched as road till Alwar was like that. And at night driving was more difficult. Street light was definitely to expect luxury but basic necessity of food...NO DHABA along the way.. MOm was in real pain as i10 is quite bumpy for the back seaters....If somebody is goinf to Alwar follow below route :

Delhi - Gurgaon
Gurgaon- Dharuhera
Turn left from dharuhera towards Bhivandi
Drive straight from Bhivandi to Alwar.

Or if you want real adventure and accupuncture with muddy and desserty feeling go via Sohna road.

So on the way I was thinking what went wron , and what should I have done else?

- Should not have planned this trip to AlwaR
- Should not have come with parents
- Sould not have taken this route
- Good to be adventurous and obiviously there is fun having unplanned holiday but this is not acceptable.
- atleast when going with parents , if not book hotels in advance , at least be well conversed with route etc..

So reached Alwar at 11:30 PM .Surprisingly even when Alwar was 7 km away , there was no stree lights,buildings,houses etc. You won't feel like you are entering some big city.or atleast wome place which is famous for Kalakand. I even started doubting whether it is the same Alwar.
SO came to know that there are only three hotesl to stay and out of that we have left one on the bypass itself. So two left outs were Hotel Maharaja and hotel Arawali.Maharaja guy apparently rejected our strong desire to stay there.God knows why?
SO we stayed at hoted Arawali for 800 bucks..Considering the condition of the AC room, looks to be on higher side.But I am happy as long they serve food at 12:30. Food was quite good ..8 roti's,dal,mixed veg,Pulao..but quite over priced.

Next morning planned to visit some local palaces,City Palace, Rani moosa ki chattri,bala quila..and then go to Sariska tiger reserve.

Checked out at 11:00 . In 1771 Ad, A Rajpur Pratap singh , won Alwar from Mughuls and found principalities of its own.Surrounded by Aravali hills. There are many theories abouth how Alwar got its name.It derived its name from Salva tribe and was originally Salwapur,then Salwar,Halawar and eventually Alwar. Or it mabe because of Aravali hills.

So the main tourist attraction - Citi palace. Surprisingly only 5/10 people knew where is Palace. Alwar city was in chaos.traffic - cycles,scooters, and for first 35 minutes of my navigation, finding palace, we have not seen any car. First car we saw was maroon Indica. So felt like king driving Hyundai. I have seen this in few movies that hero from videsh visits some village and when he leaves that place , local gaanv ke ladke run behind his car.(Obivously I am not mentioning Krrish running behnd Priyanka chopra car) So we stopped at one place asking directions, car a/c was on , and PAPA open the card door. The gentleman took his time and provided detailed directiont about City palace. He was enjoying cool waves coming out of car .and then god knows why some kids started running behind our car..Finally dropped our plan to vicit any palace and left for Sariska.

Sariska is 31 km from Alwar and road is quite good which connects to Jaipur. We reached Sariska around 1:30 . We could take our vehicle inside the forest and being saturday there was no charges. so it was 21 km stretch . Though out of 3 tigers and 40 leopards : our hit ratio(eyaballs) was zero but this was fun. we saw sambar,cheetal,lomdi,mor,cow,pig,monkey ,dear.It was fun. There was Hanuman temple.

So rather than taking road back to alwar->Bhiwadi->delhi, we have take road towards Jaipur. From Shahpur we hit NH8. It was bit long ,probably 30km but ok as long as 4 lane highway.
We reached back home at 11:00 pm. So laze to get camera from ground floor and upload pics.Will sure upload it tomorrow.

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