Wednesday, February 25, 2009

GM Summary

to recapitulate my 7 days of General motor diet

- Day 2 - Toughest day of the week. it was an only vegetables day. head sterted paining at around 6 in the evening. It was unbearable , acute pain in my stomach. Just cheated a bit and has clear vegetable soup

- Day 3 - Fruits and vegetables.. by now I was getting used to of not eating.

- Day 4- was a feast day when I had boiled tasted s o good.. infact everything used to taste so was delectable.

Day5- also being weekday , by now my ofice collegues started making funn of me..

Day6 & 7- Had to eat boiled loukie..That was the horrible experience so far.. But overall went on smoothly.

And I have lost around 7 kg weight at the end of this plan.

But it has other benefits too like I was at mental peace...while driving or when I was in office..
Some good habits started inculcating in me ..just like that...Though is says that every quarter , you should do this plan but I am not sure whether I would do this again..

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