Saturday, January 3, 2009

Dubai Trip - Day 1

Yet again me and Lron were together. Lron was relaxed as he would face no immigration visa problem unlike. 27th dec 1:10 pm , I reached indira gandhi international airport. Boarding pass collected and easy go through immigration too.I had approx 2 hours before boarding. Duty free shops were world on its own. There were liquor,perfumes, souvniers, pickely, books, watches, expensive pens.Liquor was specially waiting for me like a pet dog lazily waits for his master.Quite surprised to see unexpectedly dirty toilets, used tissue papers were everywhere except in dustbin.Emirates flight was on time at 4:00 pm. Seats weren't very comfortable but that's ok. Lavish veg lunch was served and I asked for red chile wine. Whole flights was full of indians. I wonder how many indiand come here ...Stepped on dubai soil at 1620 hours. Flight was of 4 hours. First time was walking escalators. floor at the airport were clean and shining. And the first impression was quite impressive. Arab official stamped on my passport after asking couple of basic formality questions and verifying few documents . First stamp on my passport. Excited. And then the momet I hate the most. Wait for Lron to come on conveyer belt. I don't know why my luggage alway picks up last. And I was wondering what if I looase my stuff. And I don't have baggage loss insurance. I wasn't getting network so I requested to gentelman standing along to use his phone to call Saheli. Sumalaya and saheli were on the way. I requested again to the same person to use his phone to send sms to dad . He was kind enough but he raised suspecion when he asked me to check the sms before I sent.Got my stuff kept in the trolly and went to duty free shop. Picked up johny walker black label for 39.88 usd or 190 dhm. Swiped my cwm card and it worked smoothly. My host were there to pick me up in their newly bought accord vtec 100,000 dhm. Left hand side driving.Reached home which is in king asal road. Had really good time .chatted, listen to music,played with mahi. Saheli cooked bangda fish for starters. Me and sumalya had couple of pegs of smirnoff lime. And the dinner was exotic .chicken and was relally yummy.So for my knowledge UAE consists of 7 emirates.1 . abu dhabi2. Dubai3. Sharjah4. Ajman5. Umm al Quain6. Ras al Khaimah7. FujairahThere are state governmet and central govt and ruled by king. It is as simple as always sheila dikshit son would be delhi cm. But this country governs by strong fundamentalism. Rules , regulations and discliplines.Slept at 1:00 am .

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