Thursday, January 29, 2009

29th Jan , 2009, Thursday, 11:24 PM

I am back to blogging after really long time..May be after a month or so..Last weekend, my cousion was discussing about his new 3 months old job..He was completely bored, had exasperated look on his face completely frustated with dissapointment about the consistent monotony of his job. I was wondering just 3 months huh?? Is it that we started expecting more out of corporate world lately.My take is we can be desribed as a full circle. Every human being feels he/she is 3/4th complete. 1/4th of the pie is missing and then the wishlist starts
"I wish I were slim"
"I wish I gain a bit weight and this will complete this 1/4th pie"

Why don't we be happy at what we got.Why not we love ourselves first before loving others.Why not we spend some time with ourselves before seeking company with others.

Why not we police us first before "morally policing" (as in case of Mangalore pub incident). its disgusting to see goondagardi in the name of Indian culture.Women have their own right to decide what shoud she wewar and whether she drinks/smoke or not. Its quite absurd to saw yedurappa proclaiming ban on Pub culture itself. I strongly think education is must for politicians.

Coming back to my cousion's problem, that day I actually refrained myself from talking. Let him learn the hardships , hard way. Its quite irrational to quote somebody as over ambitious. Have some patience. And things will be fine. Enjoy the journey and destination becomes pleasent.

Today is quite an important day sort of memorable. I got to know abt my performance rating.And it is E2. May be its not gonna give me my grade and am not expecting any great hike in salary also.But it feels great whn an organization and your boss values your contribution and rates you above your peers. Well a Thank you to my boss. He actually deserves that.

NO great plans for weekend but few things to do

- At least 20 minuted of reading The Economists
- 15 minutes Of Tabala
- 1 hour of Gym/Yoga/Cycling
- Getting up at 6

Bye for now. I would look forward to with confidence and excitement to follow above points ..

11:55 PM GOod NIght

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