Thursday, December 25, 2008

Poem dedicated to my friend Shweta

I have written when she got champion forum award in Citi bank. She travelled to japan.

Truly deserved prize you won
In real sense you are champion
Pack your bags to go to
Land of rising sun
Make new friends like Kim won won

Please note that you belongs to the land of snakes,tigers and water
you are a champion
A go getter
But please don't forget your responsiblity towards your daughter

You have definitely proved the difference between
Dream and aim
Dream comes with sound sleep
But aim keeps you strong and tight
With hard work , persistence and doing things right
And most important point
Aim won't let you sleep
Aim comes with sleepless nights

In 2007 , I thought that I can't wait
For champion Forum 2008
But trust me
Champion forum award will be mine in 2009

written on 17/10/2008 9:42 pm Link road in front of KFC

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