Thursday, November 13, 2008


Why nobody answers my question?

Do I put them in uncomfortable situation?

With right to speech, It's democratic nation..

Why life is so complex?

Why people are so perplexed?

Why wind is flowing in different direction?

Why nobody reacts and take any action?

Why sea has lost its aggressiveness?

Why so called Indian Women is in Complete mess?

Why eyes are open , still not awake?

Why people don't accept their mistake?

Why shaking hand has taken over 'NAMASKAR'?

Why we are forgetting our 'SANSKAR'?

Why English is dominating Sanskrit and Hindi?

Why foreign brands and mini skirt has replaced our traditional sari and bindi?

Why papa is replaced by DAD and mummy by MOM?

Why Indian names are changing to TOM,Alexander or JOhn?

Why last night dogs have barked and cried?

Why we are never satisfied?

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