Tuesday, November 25, 2008

we are working hard to acheive something.
To acheive goals/ambitions
running fast very fast
we should enjoy the journey,enjoy beautiful scenary of life
why do I need to always change the status quo
its about setting my priorities..And I think currently my priority should be Health and Fitness.
My things to do should change to following ;
- regular physio
- Min one hour reading
- 15 min Tabala atleast
- Don not try to make new friends
- Do not try t overtake from left.ummmm tough
- Do not try to innovate..somebody rightly put , world doesn't require E=mc square.
- Just relax for atlease 2 months
- No junk food , cold drinks
Don't know when I am gonna write again...
Just shut everything and just enjoy.
Concentrate on my work
Don't use sense of humour to demean others
be symphatic to others
try being emphatical(bit)
talk less
sometimes you do things and realise later...
for some time think rationally, and don't go by gutt feeling
calm down
don't try to be different

Four lines dedicated to all those whom I have hurt them ever..Can think of few names

Three words , eight letters, so difficult to say
They're struck inside of me, they try and stay away
But this is so important to let them have their way
I need to do it now , I must do it today
I am sorry.

Feeling much relaxed now..:)

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