Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I thought I will not write for atleat a month.. Morning newspaper, felt really good after reading India consecutive 5th win over England.Felt like thump my chest(Proud).Switched on the TV and news was England team wish to go back home as they were petrified of terrorosm and Mumbai attackes.Again felt like thump my chest(Shame).Yet again...And as the day dawns in Mumbai the city woke up to count its dead and injured , the count will rise painfully..
Front page news on all news papers..Media is showing tracker of 101 dead. Other news channel claims to have tracker of 105 , and with great proud and sense of acheivement repeat this..Ha! Race to move ahead....
And yet again the govt. Of India and its members , whether on the state or national level will make the right noises.Probably louderr as this time the elite were attacked.The Taj and Oberoi hotels.
WE will also talk about this during office hours, sutta break...and then forget..we are also so busy..Ha! race to move ahead..Leke we forgot AArushi murder or nithari kiling.
We will not react until our own loved one injures or dies.The war is not at our borders any more. It here at home against the forces that are trying to destroy our society from the inside.
Yet again the people of Mumbai will show courage.AS THEY HAVE DONE BEFORE...We need to be compassionate and reevaluate whts happening to out society.....evaluate whether we want to be DJ of RDB or Naseerudin Shah of Wednesday..
or a common man..who is scared to change the status quo.....

Am really disturbed today..Because of n number of reasons..Got up at 5:30 , read some 30 pages of White Tiger..Went to gym- The GOld Gym. Some one has rightly kept it's name being gold..Its really expensive and you see old uncles with fat bellies and aunties with thumpkin bum. its disgusting to see changing room , wherein u find gupta or some other rich baniya unkle stripping before steam bath..I went quite early today and while I was using loo, i overheard some conversation.Seems two house keeping boys were discussing politics.
First one asked with authorotative tone " Whom you going to vote" (as if is close relative of sheila dikshit and campaigning for her)
Other one replied hesitantly(seems he has recently joined as a house keeper ) " I don't know .. May be this time BJP .because BJP might help me in getting my Ration CARD"
I thought that's what he wants from New govt,new politician..But what Saurabh wants if his favourite party wins..May be change in Job Ha! Mumma.May be peace,sukh,shanti for every body....Ha! Gautam buddha...Very interesting point I read in White Tiger..Once somebody asked Buddha "Are you man or God" ?
He replied I am ordinary person who woke up when others weer sleeping.....ha! What's papa wants..may be my marriage..What I want....hmmm long list ...&&$&@&@#&$&@$&@&$@&$&@$@&$&@&$@#&$&@$&@#&$&@#&&@%$@#&%$#&%&@&@$&@#&$%&@#$..ha!

"I like farting in crowded lift" First housekeeper told to other one as they were sharing fantasies ..They were sure that nobody is listening. I was actually listening conversation of two poor people who may be earning 2000 per month..I like sunrise in the morning..I like maal who come for excercise..they whispered something and started laughing..I think the joke was how to enter women changing room..
There is a different story inside the gym..There were some 20 odd tread mills and a dozen cycles.SOme aroung 50-60 people.But nobody talks to each other....Some 2 dozen instructors and one fourth busy instructing one and only so called maal.....Strange very strange...

"Live it up by smilingat the people you meet, knowing that those who do not return the smile need it the most. It costsnothingbut gives much"

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