Thursday, October 2, 2008

Tongue In Teeth

Tongue in Teeth

Tongue - Sales Department
Teeth - Operations Department

Tongue can't perform effectively if teeth are not supportive and backing up.But I think tongue is struck between teeth like these days husband-wife relationship,wherein brushing teeth and tongue cleaning regularly is an effective solution. Analogy is,which is not necessary a similarity, in an organization there are 32 tongue and 1 tooth.

Lips - Marketing Department which decides what to say and how.

Smile - Marketing Plan and Branding
"Smile.Its the second best thing you can do with your lips"

Tongue can't say anything unless lips opens up!

EYES : Compliance and Vigilance Department

Nose : Security Department

Fingers : Operating Staff

Thumb: Creative and Smart Performers

Hands : Team Effort

Growing Nails and Hairs :Underperformers suffered by financial crisis

Ears : HR Department which is currently collecting Voice Of Eyes(VOE) and of FIngers

Brain : CEO and Board of Directors

Heart : Profitablity

Blood : Working Capital

Though today in crisis time , we don't require blood tranfusion but surely needs donor.

ByPass surgery to improve blood flow and oxygen to the heart.

Source: I read Sundarkand in Ramacharitmanas . Hanumana reaches lanka and meets Vibhishana. And Vibhishana quotes that " In lanka , I struck like Tongue in Teeth"

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