Thursday, October 2, 2008

Just for You Samaira/Mahee from Saheli

At 11:31 Pm today I received the following mail from Samaira.


check some of my latest pics in the last one month .

wanna meet you

love always


I replied at12 :30 with short poem

You are the best Samaira ( From saheli to samaira)

You say the best when you cry,

You have numerous questions and ask me why?

This is not funny but at the age of 1 month , you like fish fry

You like uncle sachhu who is not shy......

You say the best when you smile

I have your all pics stored in a file

Please be patient and wait for a while

As you are the best and you will go mile

You say the best when you sleep

In thoughts deep

Sometimes make me weep

Moti(Pearl) in a seep

Because of your beauty, let others go freak...

You say the best when you are akeli(alone)

You are the best kid in the world and I'm best mom , yours only Saheli :)

I met Saheli in Amex in 2004 April..One of my best friend and critic since then. I like calling her motu. She lives in Dubai with Hubby Shumalya.

GorgeouSamaira and SamaiRavishing

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