Friday, October 3, 2008

Diary of 3rd October, Friday, 1910Hours

I am very excited today because of following reasons : -
Tomorrow I am completing 2 years in world Money in Citibank
- Tomorrow my stiches getting cut
- rejuvanated and relaxed body massage
- waiting for koushik da (my tabala teacher)
also disturbed due to following reasons :
one experience which is thought provoking and made me think how selfish the world is.
In Sri Bhagwatgeetha Srikrishna has told Arjun that
कर्मंयेधिकरास्ते माँ फलाशु कदाचन
तेरा करम करने मैं अधिकार है , उसके फलों मैं कभी Nahin
If we rewrite Sribhagatgeetha today , Srikrishna would have told
कर्मंयेधिकरास्ते माँ फलाशु कभी कभी
तेरा करम करने मैं अधिकार है , उसके फलों मैं भी है
This series of incidents have been troubling me since last 2 weeks. I fought with my parents to gift to this person. And got deprived of a simple "Thank You" in return...
Anyway life moves on....

Let this Navratri give 9 showers upon you
1 Shaanti 2 Shakti 3 Saiyam 4 Sanmaan 5 Safalta 6 Saralta 7 Samriddhi 8 Sanskar 9 Swaasthya
‘Prayer is not an attempt to change God’s mind; but an attempt to let God change our minds..’ ‘You will not be punished for your anger; you will be punished by your anger.’

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