Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Diwali in 2033

Imagine Diwali 25 years from now and Vijay menon is trying to organize potluk. Even after retirement he is still frustrated that nobody respond to his mails.

"everyone had this initial euphoria, just like they did when they started using hi5, orkut, then facebook, and now linked in and Wayne ,chirkut,ttio,o1,c5,h123....This is all for young generation people.
ALL WE WANT IS GOSSIP(something never change).
Suprita latest gossip that Sisa's gran daughter name is KUSUM.
Kartik Rishi is still bachelor and now professor in Wharton and give guest lectures on macro economic issues and work with United nations for AIDS awareness.
Kunal roy is happy making new relatives .When will he stop.HE has no 8 legal and 4 illegal wives and owns Al Burj ,has a bank balance of 287.5 M $.
Richa madam still smiles without teeth,has sparkle in her eyes due to motiaband,still has not called me, and menon for paranthas.
Adi castro worked very hard over the years , his counter is at 40,200 and still counting.He name is is Guinness records now.But off late he has realized the importance of quality.with this kind of number pressure,sometime you leave the human touch and feel the animal touch.
Chika is now don of UK and has an empire like of Singh is Kinnng.But now with old age , his son bhatia manages.Totally like SARKAR.But chika has not changes now 27th October 2033.Today he is gonna wear mafia style attire and gonna dance on "Samundar main "
Nitin madan is supporting Kartik rishi
Siddharth saini is supporting Nitin madan.
Don't know why people like to do professergiri too much.
Abhay is our guru bhai and next ambani.
Mr trivedi is happily married.His family structure.

Please use below for better understanding.


Vaishali writes poem in her own style.She is feeling nostalgic today and thinking of good old days when manmohan singh was prime minister.

Why wind is flowing in different direction
Why nobody takes any action
Why sameeksha is now script writer of subhash ghai productions
Why kamath and mr bam comes in Sims inductions
Why we have to wear oxygen mask
Why I have increased my weight
Why can't I wish Diwali today, Like in year 2008
Why there are so many Bal thakre's
Why 23,345 people died
Why nobody in our gmail group replied
Why taliban still exists
Why kashmir is now independent nation
Why there are still problem of sanitaion
Why India has just got 34 gold medals
Why we have TIme cycles but no pedals

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