Saturday, October 18, 2008


This is a story of three freinds : Hour,minute and second. Let me introduce each of them


- Head of the family
- Effective thinker and great leader
- Takes time before taking any decision
- Very strong will power
- Age- 59 years
- He is slow not because of age but because of low wage
- He is retired now
- Wife expired
- Staying with son Minute and Grandson Second.
- Worked in a same organizatin for 35 years and was senior general manager in manufacturing company before retiring
- Goes for morning walk
- Fit and in good shape
- Have put on some weight
- Drives an old Maruti - 800
- Likes old classical music but offlate listens to remixes as well
- He is noughty and doesn't tell anybody that he likes Shilpa Shetty and Sushmita Sen
- Very Active
-For last 3 years ,wearing same pait of black trousers
- Doesn't like grandson ,Second running around too much
- Hour is ok Second bypassing him ,but worried that Second should not take wrong step in hurry


- Has a french beard
- Works in an NGO
- Modern in thinking but conservative in his approach
- Stil listen to his father Hour. and obey his orders
- Good listener
- But Impatient when angry
- Wears a big specs which doesn't suit him
- Divorced as his wife Strap prefers expensive dialsand fast pace dials wherein minute prefers slow paced life and even comfortable with old H.M.T
- Has vwery good sense of humour, but hardly his friends understand his jokes
- Though Hour,Minute , Second stays in big old house,but hardly talks to each other
-Minute Sometime visit Hour and say hi and discuss normal things like how's Hour's Yoga and in return Hour often inquires about NGO stuff.
- For quite sometime , Hour and Minute's topic of discussion has diverted towards Second
-Minute's worry is Second is getting impatient day by day and losing fam ily values
-Minute also understands that being single father, he has to fulfill the needs of mother also.
- Second Comes home late these days
-His friends are also Tommy,and Tag unlike family friends and uncle HM.T.


- Happy go lucky type,23 years old
- very slim
likes changing his hairstyle & try doing different things
- He is fully aware that Minute and Hour doesn't like late night parties
- He wants to live each day as it comes
- Things have changed now
- Rather than touching baba and dadu feet, he prefers wishing by "HI"
- Infact he thinks , Dad and Gra'pa are more modern as salutaions
- He is losing out somewhere in that big house
- Sometimes he passes Hour and quickly moves forward as didn't notice him at all.
- Today is Hour's 60th Birthday and as family tradition all four celebrate together
- Second also celebrate his birthday on the same day as Hour
- This year Second's mom is not there to order cake and instruct all three to come back home exactly at 1800 hours


Hour is very excited today.Got up early , quick morning walk.Minute has also xled his evening appointments for this ocassion.Today Second is 24 years old.
There are three pillars in their garden.Hour Pillar,Minute Pillar and Second Pillar.As a birthday ritual, b'day oy has to take full round of other;s pillar equal to their age.
- hour has taken 60 round of Second's pillar
- Second has taken 24 revolution of his grandpa.Surprisingly Strap came and joined the party.Now they are complete family.Minute and Strap stay together as family.They WATCH movies together.So happy among themselves as nobody is WATCHing them.

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