Sunday, October 5, 2008

Akhand Path- Completing Ramacharitmanasa in 15 hours

It 7:40 AM 6 Oct, all set to got to office. In a hurry so not writing much.Just uploading photos.

Masi , reading aranyakand despite suffering from viral .

Just came back from Temple.Spending time with both mata.

We started at 4:45 AM on 5th October and bhoga at 7:50 PM.


Relation between me and my knee
is like
a baby and mommy
Got injured on 24 May
Unlike otherwise it was not a happy day
Same sacrifice
same emotions,love and tears
stiches removals was my greatest fear
Kept my foot on ground on 4th October 6:20 PM
felt my baby said mumma for the fist time
baby tried walking with artificial braces
was very very happy
Every day, I try my best to be

A mother like the mom you were to me.

My good friend Vaishali contribution:

Read the poem about ur knee,
Must say u have that creative spark... which I never did see,
To come out with poems on such thoughts,
Is an art my friend, never to be lost.
So keep going,
Be brave and strong,
Look after your 'baby', with great care,
and one day you would again do things which today you wouldn't dare.

And war continues when I have written "bear" instead of "beer"

Vaishali writes :

Sachhu what the hell r u gonna do with the "Bear" (...lets have pots full of bear ...)
If you still want one go to the Apollo fair,
In noida right next to the PVR Spice
You might find a Bear and even a Mice,
But for others let them enjoy their potluck with some "Beer"
am sure that would bring them some cheer.
So people out there in mumbai, get up and move your butt,
Prepare for a jive or with cards try your luck,
Sachhu is gonna be in your city
Oh whats gonna happen to u all.... I pity ;)

I replied :

Vaishali you have creative bend of writing
since you have started the fighting

doesn't matter whether bear or beer
both doesn't give me any fear

don't bore me
better adore me

lets loose some weight
and we all meet on 12 oct 2008

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