Sunday, September 28, 2008

Welcome to Sajjanpur

Mr Benegal ,Welcome to meaningful and commercial cinema.The former adman who created a new wave of cinema with films like Ankur, Manthan, Trikal, and Mandi has carved a space for himself in Bollywood.

Film begins with life and ends with social message which defies the logic that because of doshas in kundali, leads to devastation of marriage,

This cause discomfort and tension in relationship , leading to separation and divorce and in some cases it is believed to cause untimely death of one spouse.

With this film noted parallel cinemadirector, returns to comedy after his film, Charandas Chor (1975)

Shreyas Talpade,Ravi Kishan ,Divya Dutta and Ila arun acted brillantely.

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