Sunday, September 28, 2008

Potluk Party on Sunday, 28 September

Potluk Update :

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Acknowledgements 12
Chapter 1 24
Chapter 2 54
Chapter 3 64




I owe this party success to the following.:

To Vijay Menon , a friend who has been with me from potluk plan till execution and successfully managed the food committe. In fact he went all the way to Chandigarh to get some bhangara music for the party.

My family,my friends,people of delhi,my publisher,my banker,my maid,my doggy,etc etc.God ,who continues to look after me despite my flaws.

Special thanks to all the committe heads who made this party a real success.

Chapter One

People started coming in as per schedule (though bit late) and yashwinder won the Early bird Prize. He came with yummy rajama chawal and raita..

And then one after another after another after another.......................

Vara and Ratheesh mani were bit late but got a great welcome from the group. Kudos to both of them , as they came all the way from Noida to Rohini .

It is similar distance like

- MG Road to Mysore road CCD (For bengalaru)

- Panvel to Bandra ( For Mumbaikers)

- Airport to Hawda in slow motion (For kolkataites)

- Kareena to Shahid :) (For Saif)

But first mistake of their life was they didn't pay attention to Potluk rules and didn't bring anything.So they were forced to order Pizza and Ratheesh mani sponsered.

Though Richa Madam couldn't join in , but paranthas/cutlets were too good . And the best part was richa madam has named the parantha with butter/cream layer. Would like to take 4 more sentences dedicated to these paranthas.Would suggest we should start and sell globally.

We got following paranthas :

- Big aaloo parantha (Named as "Singh is Kinng "parantha)

- Mix of Mutter and Gobhi parantha (Named as " Bunty bubbly parantha)

- There was somethin called V****** parantha too....

- Simple parantha (called mugadhaaa)

- Mirchi parantha (called ratikaaa sant)

- Rabri parantha (called Mitushiii)

- Also there were "something senior tag along" parantha (called bakshiii)

(Kudos to Richa Madam for her creativity )

Chapter 2

During the party , following gossips were discussed






Chapter 3

Second mistake of mine , that I forgot to charge my camera battery and could get enough battery when only few guests were there.

Please find enclosed the pics of the guests. I wanted to chat with them more, but they all had to leave. Simsites got united again.

(Sachhu is the author of blockbuster novel - one night @ traffice signal(2005) which continues to top bestseller lists.His book has inspired major Bollywood film.After 4 year in bangalore , where he was working in bank, he moved to delhi to stay with his family. )

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