Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My First Tabala Class on Tuesday, 30 Sep

Koushik Da came home exactly at 7:30 Pm to take me to new world of Tabala.I was very excited and amazed to see me learning tabala.Huh never thought of. During Tea , we discussed different things like how I had met with an accident,where do I work,his background.

Koushik da is a Tabala Teacher in DPS Rohini . Prior to that he was abroad as official representative of India to promote music around the world.

Intresting point he told me that Shahi (the black circle thing) is made up of boiled rice and iron powder.Kinar is made up of Goat's leather. Strings are called baddi and is made up of Camel leather.Looks like Animal Planet in Tabala :).

(Te Re Ke Te Ta Ka)4 times

(TeTe TeTe Ke Te Ta Ka)

As I played a bit,Koushik da told me that generally students play with this perfection after 4 classes.

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