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Candle Therapy

Using candles as therapy has been around for thousands of years, and has been practiced by nearly every religion. Candle therapy can be used to unite the powers of mind, body, and spirit. From ancient times to the present,

When working with candles,

Sit in a quiet place hold the candle in your hands at heart level and visualize the area in your life you want charged (changed)

This will personalize your connections with the candle and allow the needed energy to come to you in a more direct way. Begin by using a positive affirmation (our candles come with one), then expand on it based on your specific situation.

1. Any time you light a candle, always state your true intention and end with a positive affirmation.
2. Burn a candle based on the colour you need.
3. Use the seven colors of the Chakra and light these small candles to release the color into the room. The rainbow colors have an amazing healing power when lit all together.
4. Sit in front of the candle and concentrate on the light.
The Color Significance of Candles
Candle Colors

Utilize the color energy of candles in your healing therapies!

RedLove, passion, energy, enthusiasm, courage, strength, radiant health. Also good for protection against psychic attack, physical harm and to conquer fear of laziness.

Orange Symbolizes the Sun of midsummer. A color of great power. Enthusiasm, fun, vitality, stimulation, adaptability, attraction and friendship. Use for bringing success, or to draw/attract good things and friendly people.
YellowClairvoyance, learning, mind and communication. Used in operations designed to convince the mind of another. Also to aid memory, healing, improve business, success in the performing arts, promote cheerfulness in a grouchy person and chasing evil energies away.

GreenSymbolizes nature and material gain. Healing, money, prosperity, luck, fertility, promote balance and harmony in an off balance situation, protection and calming. Other uses - For any circumstance requiring a healthier outlook, or a repeated or renewal of a desire or intention in order to perpetuate it, or protect it from deterioration.
BlueHealing, meditation, tranquility and forgiveness. Use light blue for: devotion, inspiration, peace and blessings in the home, to keep a man or woman faithful. Use deep blue for: loyalty on a communal level, successful group enterprise and expansion.

PurpleIntuition, dignity and spiritual shield, wisdom, idealism, psychic manifestation and spirit contact, spirituality, wisdom and psychic awareness. Typically used when great spiritual power is necessary. Effectively used against driving away evil, to breakup a jinxed condition, and for spiritual or psychic healing, or to throw up a veil of spiritual protection.
WhiteProtection, peace, sincerity, virtue of kinds, the highest spirituality, purity and truth. The balanced presence of all colors in synthesis.

PinkEmotional love, friendships, gentleness, spiritual fulfillment, affection and harmony. Use for spiritual healing, break up bad prevailing conditions of many kinds, great joy and sensual pleasure.
TurquoiseAwareness, meditation, moon and creativity. This soothing combination of both green and blue create a color, which symbolizes ultimate healing. Calming, peaceful, gentle, cooling and non-threatening. Turquoise brings about change, allowing the mind to release and let go of blocked issues that prevent you from moving forward.

BlackAbsorption and destruction of negative energy. Represents the still of the night, the deep cold and tranquil waters, the deepest recesses of the unconscious mind. Good for banishing rituals. As a black candle burns it releases whatever energies you have placed into it, when you charged it.
GoldSymbolizes universal fraternity, great fortune. Use to promote understanding for divinatory rituals and bring about peace in a community in a group. Also used to bring fast luck.

BrownColor of the soil/earth. Use in times of financial crises to attract money and financial success. Also used to attract the Earth Spirits, who must always be remunerated for their aid, and properly dismissed with a special ritual.
SilverRepresents stability and neutrality. Use to remove evil influences, or to neutralize any existing undesirable vibrations. Use with meditation to aid the development of psychic developments and ESP. Use as Altar candles to invoke the assistance of the Great Mother, or Goddess aspect of a Deity.

MagentaMagenta is an illusionary oscillation of the color spectrum, between the infra-red and ultra-violet at a very high frequency. It is named for the ´Magi´ and literally means Magic Color. Used with other candles it will promote a speedy result or action. Also good to use for spiritual healing and quick changes of a favorable nature.

Candle Safety Tips
1. Please observe the following safety tips whenever you use candles.
2. Always keep a burning candle within sight.
3. Never burn a candle on or near anything that can catch fire.
4. Keep burning candles out of the reach of children and pets.
5. Always extinguish all candles before leaving the house.


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